It's a jungle out there!

We could really use your help - plus it's good fun, exercise, and a great family activity

The Wiltondale Garden Club is currently working to support our neighbors in Historic East Towson, at the Adelaide Bentley Park,  as well as at  Radebaugh Park.  Read on for upcoming events at each, and join in – we’d love to meet you!

'Weed Deeds' at Bentley Park in East Towson

The Club needs an army for our “weed deeds” in East Towson’s Bentley Park.

We’ll be there Saturdays from 9am-11 on the dates below.
RSVP is not required, but suggested so we can notify you if the event is called off for weather. Bring a friend, spouse or neighbor along with your favorite shovel, clippers, or trowel!

May 11 and 25, June 1 and 15, July 13, August 17, September 21, October 12 and 26, November 9 - All days are 9-11am

'Weed Deeds' at Radebaugh Park in Towson

The Club plants, weeds, and mulches at Radebaugh Park  – watch this space for upcoming dates!

Radebaugh Park entrance
Radebaugh Park
Radebaugh Park plant markers

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