Thank you for your purchase! Here's what we did with the Spring 2022 sale profits.

Because of your 2022 Spring Planter Sale purchases, The Wiltondale Garden Club was able to renovate the Towson Library’s large planters at the corner of York Road and Chesapeake Avenue, which had been sitting empty for several years.

The club had the planters power washed, painted, and the soil was removed and replaced.  New plants were chosen to be long lived with little water and maintenance, and will change colors and foliage over the seasons with evergreen elements to add winter interest.  

Towson Library Planters

The goal was to plant a drought resistant display that would renew itself year after year with very little care.  The above photos are July 2022, and it was still doing well in this photo from late November.

Early December 2022

We’ve had a few challenges, especially being located in an area of weekend bar patrons and a busy bus stop, but we’re making slight changes as needed to make them as ‘people proof’ as possible.

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