Birds, Bees, Flowers and Trees… these websites are useful for everything from identifing birds to planning a layout and plants for your specific lot type.

Brought to you by the Chesapeake Audubon Society, this list is perfect for finding the best native plants for your site, and provides info on the pollinators, birds and bugs each will attract.  click here

The Audubon Society makes bird identification easy and fun  click here
You can even get the mobile app for bird watching in the field here

At a loss when it comes to choosing plants for your shady garden?  Maybe your yard is a bit wet… or dry…or you’d like to attract hummingbirds.  Make planning easy by starting with these garden templates for every type of lot, courtesy of the Pennsylvania DNR.  click here

It can be hard to find a wide variety of native plants at the big box stores – check out these native plant nurseries, some are even non-profit! Brought to you by the Maryland native Plant Society click here

The Maryland Orchid Society is a fun group that meets monthly in Towson, and you can read their newsletter to learn more about these fascinating plants click here