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Here's what we're doing with the 2023 planter sale profits.

Because of your 2023  Planter Sale purchases, The Wiltondale Garden Club has been able to support our neighbors in Historic East Towson, at the Adelaide Bentley Park.   We’re excited to be raising the funds to build a community garden, where residents can grow food and flowers, as well as community! 

The neighborhood dates back to 1829 when Maryland’s 15th governor, Charles Carnan Ridgely of Hampton estates died, and the terms of his will freed some of the hundreds of people he enslaved. The neighborhood has been decimated over the decades with development, roads, and even an electrical substation run through it, yet it has remained a vibrant home to many descendants of those freed slaves.

Historic East Towson is currently working on several projects to strengthen their community, and the Wiltondale Garden Club hopes to boost the efforts of it’s neighbor with significant monetary donations from our fundraising to create the community garden this fall.

Your donations go a long way in this project!

Sept 14, 2023 - part one of park work completed!

On September 14, GWWO Architects’s Baltimore office and NeighborSpace of Baltimore County, a non-profit committed to protecting and improving open space for small parks, came together to provide the labor and construction to improve Adelaide Bentley Park. Phase one of what will be a two-phase project built the ‘infrastructure’ of the park, giving it an identity and defining it’s purpose.  In addition to the garden beds, projects included the construction of a deck platform and benches for community gatherings, an arbor to define the entrance,  and a tremendous amount of mulching, weeding, and planting. The Wiltondale Garden Club is happy to have donated the cost of materials, and looks forward to working with the community to share gardening knowledge and projects for all ages as East Towson residents come together to plant in the garden beds.

Bentley Park map

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